Monday, June 1, 2015

How to recover a Forgotten Gmail password?

OOPPS again! You forgotten the Gmail password, but don’t worry- it is not a rocket science related subject. If you had a minimal technical knowledge, you can easily recover the forgotten Gmail password. Here is the step By step Process of Recovering Gmail password For Androids, I phone and desktops.

Password recovery process of Gmail is same for the all devices such as desktop, android and I Phone. Think about Gmail, not think about the Operating system and associated device. Finally we also want to say one thing that it is not easily as possible to recover the Gmail password through the mobile apps, it’s better to restore your Gmail password through web  browser and latter configure   and sync the password in apps. Here is the illustration that helps you to recover the Gmail password.
Go to the sign in page of Gmail, to avoid the continuous entering of URL, we recommended to bookmark the Gmail URL- Now click on the link “Need Help” that labeled on the bottom page of Gmail. Recovering the Gmail password through a mobile gadget is not as easy as like Desktop. We recommended the users to recover the password through Desktop or such wide screen Gadgets. 
Now hit the sign-in button that linked under “Need Help?” tab. The next page is the secession of password recovery; click the link “I don’t Know My password”. You can now see a new tab that asks you to enter the email address that you having troubles with. Now enter your email address in the pop-up tab and click on Continue.
On the Next page Gmail will ask you to enter the forgotten password, but if you don’t know the password, click on "I don't remember" and click Continue. Further upcoming tabs, Gmail ask you to enter the methods that you preferred to retrieve the password. For recovering or retrieving the password you can choose the alternative methods that are including secondary email address and Mobile number. According to experts it’s best to recover the password through registered mobile Number. Gmail will send a verification code to your mobile number, verify the code and access it in the area of Gmail password Reset.
Similarly you also can reset the Gmail password Recovery through the secondary email address, enter the secondary email address in the tab of Gmail Password Recovery. Gmail support sends you an HTTP link to your alternative email address that helps to reset the Gmail password. Click on that link, it will re-direct you to the tab of Gmail password reset. Over there, enter your new password dual times and click on save and continue. So that’s all the procedure of Gmail password reset.
Things To be keep in Mind while Reset Gmail password

Never reset the Gmail password from a Device that haven’t had an internet  security application

Never choose  a password that haven’t had any similarity to any of the previously existing password

Use password generator apps service to generate strong and secure  password

If you don’t know how to recover the password, then take assistance from Gmail technical support; however this option is only opted for premium customers.

Check the strengthens of the password before configuring it to your Gmail webmail account