Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How Can I Recover My Hacked Gmail Account?

At first we need to find how your account is being hacked. Then we need to stop all the keyhole chances to stop that activity. A Gmail user receive minimum five spam contaminated emails per day. If he/she is a daily email user there is a chance of increase the counts in spam mail. As everyone aware that spam mails are hazardous. The malicious links that affix in the mail are capable of pulling up your Gmail password and other vital data’s. They will lead your system to meet with an unsafe platform. Resulting the system security will loss and users can’t access into the Gmail. For technician consultation dial the number of Gmail toll free help line for Recover Gmail Password

Check whether you can log-in to the account. If you can, then log into the Gmail account and change the password immediately. In case you need to recover/reset the Gmail password speak to the Gmail technicians. Check whether the account privacy settings are changed; if so restore the settings. Keep a thorough check up through the mail. If any changes visually found in your mail, profile or in your account then reports it to the Gmail help center.

If the password recovery is your trouble the Gmail technicians provide various password recovery links in the mail .User can recover the Gmail through this 

·         Password recovery through the alternative email id – Before that we want to remind you one thing the password recovery through email id is not secure as like other two options. If you suspect that your Gmail account is hacked the there is also a chance to hijack your alternative email id. So the recovering password through the alternate email id is not secure as like mobile phone number. But if the other two options are not working, then follow this method.  Gmail sends some password recovery links to the alternative email for resetting the Gmail. Find out the password recovery link in your alternative email id’s inbox folder. Click on the link. Certainly your issue might be resolved. In case of more assistance, contact the Gmail technical support.

·         Password recovery through the mobile phone number- this method is the widely accepted secure method. By verifying the security code you can get permission to access into the account.
Contact the Gmail technical support for password recovery.

·         Password recovery through the security prompt- During the time of Gmail account sign-up Gmail may ask some questions for verifying the identity. That should like (Name of your first school, your best teacher’s name, what’s the name of your native town?) etc. Verify the answer of that question and enter it in the appropriate area. Definitely you can resolve the issue. Contact the Gmail technical support for recovering the Gmail password and block the identity theft.