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Monday, June 1, 2015

How to recover a Forgotten Gmail password?

OOPPS again! You forgotten the Gmail password, but don’t worry- it is not a rocket science related subject. If you had a minimal technical knowledge, you can easily recover the forgotten Gmail password. Here is the step By step Process of Recovering Gmail password For Androids, I phone and desktops.

Password recovery process of Gmail is same for the all devices such as desktop, android and I Phone. Think about Gmail, not think about the Operating system and associated device. Finally we also want to say one thing that it is not easily as possible to recover the Gmail password through the mobile apps, it’s better to restore your Gmail password through web  browser and latter configure   and sync the password in apps. Here is the illustration that helps you to recover the Gmail password.
Go to the sign in page of Gmail, to avoid the continuous entering of URL, we recommended to bookmark the Gmail URL- Now click on the link “Need Help” that labeled on the bottom page of Gmail. Recovering the Gmail password through a mobile gadget is not as easy as like Desktop. We recommended the users to recover the password through Desktop or such wide screen Gadgets. 
Now hit the sign-in button that linked under “Need Help?” tab. The next page is the secession of password recovery; click the link “I don’t Know My password”. You can now see a new tab that asks you to enter the email address that you having troubles with. Now enter your email address in the pop-up tab and click on Continue.
On the Next page Gmail will ask you to enter the forgotten password, but if you don’t know the password, click on "I don't remember" and click Continue. Further upcoming tabs, Gmail ask you to enter the methods that you preferred to retrieve the password. For recovering or retrieving the password you can choose the alternative methods that are including secondary email address and Mobile number. According to experts it’s best to recover the password through registered mobile Number. Gmail will send a verification code to your mobile number, verify the code and access it in the area of Gmail password Reset.
Similarly you also can reset the Gmail password Recovery through the secondary email address, enter the secondary email address in the tab of Gmail Password Recovery. Gmail support sends you an HTTP link to your alternative email address that helps to reset the Gmail password. Click on that link, it will re-direct you to the tab of Gmail password reset. Over there, enter your new password dual times and click on save and continue. So that’s all the procedure of Gmail password reset.
Things To be keep in Mind while Reset Gmail password

Never reset the Gmail password from a Device that haven’t had an internet  security application

Never choose  a password that haven’t had any similarity to any of the previously existing password

Use password generator apps service to generate strong and secure  password

If you don’t know how to recover the password, then take assistance from Gmail technical support; however this option is only opted for premium customers.

Check the strengthens of the password before configuring it to your Gmail webmail account

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How Can I Recover My Hacked Gmail Account?

At first we need to find how your account is being hacked. Then we need to stop all the keyhole chances to stop that activity. A Gmail user receive minimum five spam contaminated emails per day. If he/she is a daily email user there is a chance of increase the counts in spam mail. As everyone aware that spam mails are hazardous. The malicious links that affix in the mail are capable of pulling up your Gmail password and other vital data’s. They will lead your system to meet with an unsafe platform. Resulting the system security will loss and users can’t access into the Gmail. For technician consultation dial the number of Gmail toll free help line for Recover Gmail Password

Check whether you can log-in to the account. If you can, then log into the Gmail account and change the password immediately. In case you need to recover/reset the Gmail password speak to the Gmail technicians. Check whether the account privacy settings are changed; if so restore the settings. Keep a thorough check up through the mail. If any changes visually found in your mail, profile or in your account then reports it to the Gmail help center.

If the password recovery is your trouble the Gmail technicians provide various password recovery links in the mail .User can recover the Gmail through this 

·         Password recovery through the alternative email id – Before that we want to remind you one thing the password recovery through email id is not secure as like other two options. If you suspect that your Gmail account is hacked the there is also a chance to hijack your alternative email id. So the recovering password through the alternate email id is not secure as like mobile phone number. But if the other two options are not working, then follow this method.  Gmail sends some password recovery links to the alternative email for resetting the Gmail. Find out the password recovery link in your alternative email id’s inbox folder. Click on the link. Certainly your issue might be resolved. In case of more assistance, contact the Gmail technical support.

·         Password recovery through the mobile phone number- this method is the widely accepted secure method. By verifying the security code you can get permission to access into the account.
Contact the Gmail technical support for password recovery.

·         Password recovery through the security prompt- During the time of Gmail account sign-up Gmail may ask some questions for verifying the identity. That should like (Name of your first school, your best teacher’s name, what’s the name of your native town?) etc. Verify the answer of that question and enter it in the appropriate area. Definitely you can resolve the issue. Contact the Gmail technical support for recovering the Gmail password and block the identity theft. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I forgot My Gmail password. Is it possible to recover it?

It is sure that you can recover the Gmail password, but make sure that your recovery options in the Gmail are up-to-date. If so it is recommended that the password recovery in the Gmail is not really a worrisome issue. Majority of the cases the difficulty in mailing happens when the users forgot the password. The most preferable method to choose the password recovery is through the issues in the mobile number. If you are recovering the password through this option, you will get a five digit verification code that helps to figure out the issue. Once you verified it, you will get a new tab where you can reset the Gmail passwords.
However if the mobile number mode of password recovery is not found practicable for you choose the other modes of password recovery which is through the mobile number and through some security prompts. Another case of occurring the issues in the password happens when the users account has some malicious links connection like spamming, hacking etc. 

However if you don’t know how to recover it, then you can contact the assistance of Gmail technical support for better assistance. Gmail directly provides the technical support to the premium users, the other users can make a call to the independent Gmail technical support organizations where the users can get the live assistance of the technicians and get the mailing trouble free. The best parts of these organizations are you can fix the issue in the first call itself

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Recover forgotten Gmail Account Password

Password is most important in Gmail it should be secure but sometime it happen that users forgot their mail account password that’s why they need to support to get it. You can find here complete process or steps to recover your Gmail account password with help of this article. You can follow this simple process and get rid of password recovery problem.

Everyone is using Gmail email account to fulfill their different purposes such as official or personal account and they create different email ids to fulfill their requirements because users have many email ids so it may happen that they will forgot password one of them. This situation can be face by anyone because password is most secure and important things in Email account. It is using for security purpose if unknown person know your password that can be misuse your email account if you have any doubt about it you can change Gmail account password and make secure your email account.

If you don’t know how to reset your Gmail password then follow mention steps and get instant solution for Gmail password recovery.

  • You need to Go Gmail website just type in browse also open it through Google’s homepage just type in browser and click on the Gmail in the upper left hand corner.
  • Click on “need help?” option which you can find left side under the login form click on it
  • After clicking help window open where you will see many option of problems related to email account which are “I don’t know password”, “I don’t know username”, “I am having other problems signing In” First option is right for you because we want to recover Gmail Email Account Password which we have forgotten so just select first option “I don’t know Password”.
  • After selecting first option it will ask you to enter Email address which is using by you and click on continue button
  • After that it will ask you type password if you have remember just type it otherwise select “I don’t remember” and click continue button
  • You will then have to choose how you want to reset your password either through phone or email.
  • Open the Email sent for password recovery and follow instructions.
  • Enter your new password and reset it
  • If you are resetting your Account Password through the Phone number then you will get a code on your number just enter it and reset your Gmail Email Account Password.
Through these above mention process you can easily recover Gmail account password but sometime users not able to understand process that’s why they need to technical support of Gmail or customer support helpline where they can call and discuss their problem with technician and Get instant and easy solution to Get out of Gmail Account problems.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I forgot my password how to recover it?

Gmail the most powerful email service is the preferred choice for everyone when it comes to communicating with distant person. Gmail was introduced in 2004 as a beta version and in 2007 it was available to general public.

Forgot gmail Password ? Find solution on 

Gmail provide easy to use interface that offer convenient way of communication. You can easily compose emails and customize them as per the requirement. There are number of labeling options available to separate the mails based on their type. You can share files, videos, pictures, audio and so on with your friends, family and colleagues.

However there are times when people may face certain problems in their Gmail account. There may be login problem, verification problem, password issues, registration problem, video calling setup installation issue, profile setting, sending / receiving delay, and so on. Password issues are very common in Gmail. If you often face the problem of Gmail password forgets then you must always register your mobile number and should set secret question so that you can use forgot password link and recover your password.

A right technician can only understand your issue and give you the best solution possible. So whenever you get stuck in between and need a helping hand simply contact a reliable support service provider who understand your concern and provide you effective troubleshooting instructions. There are numbers of support service providers available for Gmail issues so choosing the right one can be bit difficult. You can search over the internet for best service providers and contact them.

Gmail Support Team is high skilled professionals who are available 24x7 for help and support of customer. They can be contacted on their helpline number to get resolution of your query. There are quite good feedback from the customers using their service.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Recover your Gmail password by taking help of good support service

Technology is growing rapidly and so are the requirements. This is internet world where everything is executed with the help of internet. Emailing is one the major benefits of internet which has made communication on the go easier. We can communicate with the distant person easily and conveniently through emails. Gmail is the most widely used email service provider which is used by more than half of the world population. It allows convenient information sharing, data sharing and real time communication. You can attach number of pictures in a mail and can send it to distant location. Not only pictures but now Gmail also allow the facility of attaching videos and audio files also in an attachment. Hangout allows video calling and text messaging facility while creating your friend circle. You can also create your Blog using BlogSpot with your Gmail id.

gmail password recovery

Password forgets, password recovery, password resetting are some of the common Gmail issue that are required to be taken into consideration. If you are also going through same situation then you can communicate with the technical support team of Gmail or third party support service provider. They will definitely help you in sorting out Gmail Password Reset issue. Some points you should consider when you face Gmail password recovery issue are: always check you are entering password in correct case (upper or lower), always set secret question while signing up in Gmail, and always register your mobile number while registration. These details are asked whenever you try to reset your password.

it is a service wherein you can get the resolution of all password related queries. Experienced professional at support team are ready to resolve your issue in fraction of seconds. They are available 24 hours and 7 weeks to provide resolution to their clients.