Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Recover forgotten Gmail Account Password

Password is most important in Gmail it should be secure but sometime it happen that users forgot their mail account password that’s why they need to support to get it. You can find here complete process or steps to recover your Gmail account password with help of this article. You can follow this simple process and get rid of password recovery problem.

Everyone is using Gmail email account to fulfill their different purposes such as official or personal account and they create different email ids to fulfill their requirements because users have many email ids so it may happen that they will forgot password one of them. This situation can be face by anyone because password is most secure and important things in Email account. It is using for security purpose if unknown person know your password that can be misuse your email account if you have any doubt about it you can change Gmail account password and make secure your email account.

If you don’t know how to reset your Gmail password then follow mention steps and get instant solution for Gmail password recovery.

  • You need to Go Gmail website just type in browse www.gmail.com also open it through Google’s homepage just type www.google.com in browser and click on the Gmail in the upper left hand corner.
  • Click on “need help?” option which you can find left side under the login form click on it
  • After clicking help window open where you will see many option of problems related to email account which are “I don’t know password”, “I don’t know username”, “I am having other problems signing In” First option is right for you because we want to recover Gmail Email Account Password which we have forgotten so just select first option “I don’t know Password”.
  • After selecting first option it will ask you to enter Email address which is using by you and click on continue button
  • After that it will ask you type password if you have remember just type it otherwise select “I don’t remember” and click continue button
  • You will then have to choose how you want to reset your password either through phone or email.
  • Open the Email sent for password recovery and follow instructions.
  • Enter your new password and reset it
  • If you are resetting your Account Password through the Phone number then you will get a code on your number just enter it and reset your Gmail Email Account Password.
Through these above mention process you can easily recover Gmail account password but sometime users not able to understand process that’s why they need to technical support of Gmail or customer support helpline where they can call and discuss their problem with technician and Get instant and easy solution to Get out of Gmail Account problems.